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Dan Rowland



     My name is Dan Rowland.  I have been a photographer for over 35 years, sometimes as a professional, sometimes not.  I studied commercial photography at The University of Akron, and started working for Jim Maguire at Maguire Photographics, first as a photo assistant, and later as a studio manager.  After leaving the studio, I opened my own studio and pursued more of a fine art style photography.  Using an old 4x5 field camera, (The type where you pull the cloth over your head so you can focus on the ground glass) I soon realized I needed to know more, and attended seminars on The Zone system, Advanced Darkroom techniques, and unsharp masking for the black and white darkroom, taught by Howard Bond, a student of Ansel Adams.  I closed the studio when the switch from film to digital happened.  At the time, it was $80,000 and I didn’t have that just laying around.  I went back to the University, graduating in 2007 with a B.S. in Middle Level Education (grades 4-9) in math and science.  until recently, I was a math tutor for Akron Public Schools, and a photographer on the side.  Now the roles have switched, and I am a photographer full time.

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